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Image copy   Ready Never has released the first of a set of alt rock songs written in 2015. "Stronger" was released in August of 2015 and more songs are coming soon. These songs represent a different mood and tone of the band, as they depart from the electro pop sounds that resonate throughout its debut album, "Eleutherophobia". Benny Ed and Jara Drums are both eager to contiunue releasing new material and playing more shows from Califronia to Europe.

The 2014 debut album from Ready Never, "Eleutherophobia", is full of electro-pop anthems about today's "A.D.D" culture and the luxurious pitfalls of modern living. The album opens with the synth- hook from "Assistant Press Play", with lyrics that ask us to imagine life if we had an assistant. In the second track, the hipster carousal pop that is "Casualties" reminds us all that there is a price to pay for living a life of distractions."Take that Pill" is a cultural observation of the growing obsession our world has with pharmaceuticals and how so many people seemingly self-medicate through life. "My Eye Know Might" pokes fun at the almost-religious fervor our culture has for technology, and smart phones in particular. The title track, "Eleutherophobia" is an instrumental trance groove that perfecltly represents the kind of improvised funk that can be heard during Ready Never jam sessions. The album was written by Benny Ed and Rudi Meibergen and produced by Rudi.


 Benny Ed

Jara Drums (Fernando Jaramillo)